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Jessica Simpson Picture: Marriage, Daisy Duke, Love on the Rocks?







You can find pretty much anything on the Internet, anything from the latest Jessica Simpson picture to something less recent.









Jessica Simpson picture as Daisy Duke


Jessica Simpson Picture

by Rachel Johnson

Just one more Jessica Simpson Picture…

When you see a Jessica Simpson picture you can’t help but smile because the girl is just so darn likeable. You can’t really not like someone who seems so nice, even if it does seem like she is lacking in the intelligence department every now and then. Regardless of her IQ there are so many people who collect, hang up, and wish for that perfect Jessica Simpson picture.

Despite her bubbly nature, almost every Jessica Simpson picture is down right sexy! Hey, even not so smart girls are allowed to be sexy! Jessica has been the “it girl” for quite some time, so it seems a Jessica Simpson picture is part of every magazine or gossip column over the last couple years.

Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke
Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke

Lately, every Jessica Simpson picture has been printed along with a news story about her supposedly suffering marriage. Jessica and hubby Nick say their marriage is as good as ever. Nasty rumors! Hey, two sexy people are allowed to be happily married, you know?!

So, you’re looking for a good Jessica Simpson picture, are ya?! Just look around!! Where’ve you been for the last couple years?! Go to the newsstand and you’ll see an endless supply of great pictures. Also, the Internet is an awesome place to find a Jessica Simpson picture. You can find pretty much anything on the Internet, anything from a really old Jessica Simpson picture to something more recent.

If you have a ton of pictures already and you’re on the quest for that perfect Jessica Simpson picture to round out your collection, be prepared for some comments from friends and family. Seriously, they’ll think you’ve lost it because a lot of people just don’t get what some love about Jessica Simpson. So, preparation is of utmost importance so you don’t give up before you get your hands on that awesome Jessica Simpson picture you’ve been looking for. Here are some ideas:

  1. The girl can laugh at herself. Doesn’t matter who you are, you have to give the girl credit for making a complete fool of herself on her own show and then laughing it off like it was nothing. If they say she didn’t realize she made a fool out of herself, well, you’re on your own there…
  2. She makes you feel smart. ‘Nuff said.
  3. She’s hot! Doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a guy you have to admit the girl has one heck of a body!
  4. She has a hot husband and you’re studying their marriage so you can get a Nick Lachey of your own!
  5. She’s an inspiration. You know, if she can make it in the business world you could too! Not saying she’s dumb, but you do have a leg up on her just knowing that Buffalo wings don’t come from a buffalo…

So there, arm yourself with some reasons why you love the girl and have got to have every Jessica Simpson picture you can get your hands on. There are a lot of Jessica critics, so beware! Jealousy is a nasty thing…

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