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Britney Spears Wedding Photo- surprise!



Britney Spears Wedding Photo

Todd Luger, LAc

A Britney Spears wedding photo? When my editor asked me to write an article about Britney Spears, I thought "hmmm, this freelance writing gig does have its downside."

Apparently this princess of pop has recently been married, so yes indeedy there must exist a Britney Spears wedding photo. You'll have to excuse me if I just found that out while researching this article. Now I do surf the net and watch some late night talkshows occasionally, so I am not unfamiliar with the cartoon image of Miss Spears as a teen idol, sex symbol, yet virginal, vacuous, no talent, etc. Whatever she is actually capable of in her chosen career, I have no idea (as I would sooner be trampled by a buffalo stampede than have ever listened to her sing). However she has certainly been a longtime darling of gossip columnists, paparazzi and of course, her diehard fans.

Anyway, a lot of people want to see the Britney spears wedding photo. Way more than care about Fallujah. I am not sure why people would want to see such a photo. But I did discover something interesting in my quest. Most websites that purported to have such a photo were actually peddling pornography. I was shocked to see poor Miss Spears victimized by these unscrupulous demons.

Apparently, quite a few people search for "Britney spears wedding photo nude." I am not sure that nude wedding photos of Miss Spears actually exist (though my sources tell me she would not be the first semi-celebrity to commit such an indiscretion). But even so, why this fascination with the nude bodies of celebrities in the first place? It really is an interesting topic that has generated opinions ranging from outrage to scholarship.

On one hand, there is the feminist view that patriarchy inherently seeks to diminish women in order to have power over them. Thus media and religious images going back through history tend to reinforce the idea of women as sex objects and not equal to men in intellect and drive. While this may not be a conscious plot, it certainly is an unconscious theme, it proponents argue. On the other hand, we have the biological view that says men are just inherently drawn to a certain female form, such as we see in the Britney Spears wedding photo. And the young women of childbearing years prior to having given birth is the attractor nature evolved for this purpose, which is the reproduction of the species. So those who affect that form (by nature or surgery, as the case may be) get a reptilian response from the opposite sex. And thus the search for Britney spears wedding photo.

The controversial scholar Camille Paglia makes a strong case that the worship of female beauty is intimately bound up with world mythologies and the development of civilization. That myths and stereotypes about beauty evolved from real differences between men and women that were genetically based. And that rather than being a patriarchal conspiracy against women, it was just another adaptive development in long evolution of human culture. And both men AND women derive power from it. Ideas and customs survive because they serve a purpose in the continuation of the culture. When they have truly outlived their usefulness, they will atrophy and fade away. I would venture that, as usual, there is at least some truth in all this conjecture. Which means that for now, you want a Britney spears wedding photo, and in a couple decades will be some other girl, who was just born.


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Todd Luger, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, has 14 years of clinical experience in Chinese Medicine, focused on chronic pain and illness, has been a professor of Herbology and Clinical Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine since 2000, and is director of the Chinese Herb Academy. You can read more of his articles on, at the Chinese Herb Academy, or on his Health Weblog.
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