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Usher Picture: Add To Your Collection

Usher Raymond isn’t only a singer he’s also an actor. He’s played in almost a dozen movies.

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Usher Picture

by Trish Williams

Muscles, good looks, and talent are all hallmarks of Usher Raymond’s characteristics and popularity. Is it any wonder adoring fans are always looking to add an Usher picture to their collection of photos?

The Atlanta singer creates emotional lyrics with an R&B funk sound that keeps people wanting to dance. There are several Usher picture galleries online, as well as great sites to download his songs, read his lyrics, and bios on his life.

The good-looking singer, songwriter doesn’t keep a low profile. In fact had this to say about his compelling CD, Confession: “Usher's coming of age record, bridges the gap from boy to man, as he navigates the emotional fallout from the disintegration of his relationship, and the events that led up to it--real or imagined.” His lyrics often tell of infidelity, broken relationships, and other emotional experiences that might embarrass most, but Usher tells all.

Finding Usher, Picture perfect even in the movies

Usher Raymond isn’t only a singer he’s also an actor. He’s played in almost a dozen movies. Photo and promotional shoots during movies translates into good news for fans. An Usher picture gallery, including shots from various movies, as well as movie recaps can be found all over the Internet. Many Usher picture glossies, posters and other memorabilia can be purchased as well.

Usher CDs, Usher Picture Galleries and Fan Club

Usher’s latest CD, Confessions, includes the following songs:

1. Intro 2. Yeah! 3. Throwback 4. Confessions 5. Confessions, Pt. 2 6. Burn 7. Caught Up 8. Superstar 9. Superstar 10. Truth Hurts 11. Simple Things 12. Bad Girl 13. That's What It's Made For 14. Can U Handle It? 15. Do It to Me 16. Take Your Hand 17. Follow Me

The CD was a great hit in 2004 and continues to rock the stations. “Consider the phenomenal success of his fifth album, Confessions, which is certified 8-times RIAA platinum in the U.S. alone, has surpassed 11 million copies worldwide, and continues to sell about one million copies per month,” reports the Official Usher website.


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