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Usher Picture Gallery and 10 Things to Do with Your Favorite Usher Picture

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Got that perfect Usher picture and aren’t sure what to do with it? Here are some ideas!





Usher Picture

by Rachel Johnson

Ten Things to do with an Usher Picture

Ok, so you’re all about Usher, right? You just love him, right? He’s awesome, cool, trendy, and just downright hot. It’s ok you can admit it! No one will make fun of your borderline obsession, at least not to your face!

Now, do you have a favorite Usher picture? Maybe something from a magazine? Or, something from the Internet? Or even better, a picture you took of him, you know, in the flesh? Or even better still, a picture your friend took of you with Usher?

So you’ve got that perfect Usher picture and aren’t sure what to do with it? Here are some ideas!

  1. Use it for wallpaper! Your Usher picture can now be the most incredible wallpaper! Imagine your roommates surprise when they come home and see your entire room has been wallpapered with that picture!
  2. Use it for a screen saver or wallpaper for your computer! Every time you get on your computer you’ll see your lovely Usher picture.
  3. Get it put on a t-shirt so every other Usher fan knows you are the true usher-maniac. They’ll be jealous, watch out.
  4. Put the Usher picture on your bath towels! How cool would it be to get out of the shower and have Usher dry you off?! That’s what I thought…
  5. Create a book just full of pictures of Usher. Then, when you are in an Usher mood you can flip through the book and think about how amazing he is.

    Usher picture gallery coy look
  6. Tape your Usher picture to a poster board and go to a concert and scream his name until he sees your picture of him. He’ll know you’re his number one fan. You and a million others, but hey, yours is the best. Right?
  7. Toilet paper? Hmm… Definitely would be something new and different, although it may be hard to flush him. This is for die-hard fans only. Don’t try at home without a supervising adult.
  8. You could take your Usher picture and get one of those giant decals on your car! That’d be awesome! Then, every person you drive past would know that you are cool!
  9. Stick it inside your gym locker that way you can use his beautiful face for inspiration to get in shape! You never know when you may have a chance to finally meet him!
  10. Send the picture to Usher and thank him for making you obsessed, he might like that, or something.

See? There are options for that awesome picture of Usher that you have just screaming for some exposure! Get out there and tell the world you love Usher. If you get funny looks, shrug it off and tell them it’s an “Usher thang” and they wouldn’t understand!


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