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Jessica Simpson Dessert: Beauty Products are a Delicious Treat

Just how good is this Jessica Simpson Dessert beauty range?

Jessica Simpson Dessert line debuts

Jessica Simpson Dessert

by Steve Theunissen

Year of the Simpsons

2004 was a great year for Jessica Simpson, despite the tabloid rumor mill putting the knives into her marriage. Despite the tarnish (or because of it), her reality TV show is in fine form and the Jessica Simpson Dessert Beauty range she introduced in April, 2004 has proven to be a winner. And with the February, 2005 launch of Dessert Treats, 2005 is shaping up as not too shabby, either. As one of the most beautiful women in pop music, it’s a natural extension for Jessica to move in on the beauty industry. So, then, just how good is this Jessica Simpson Dessert beauty range?

The introduction of Jessica Simpson Dessert products to the marketplace in April, 2004 meant that there was now a range of luxury beauty products that were geared toward the mass and drugstore marketplace. The range that hit the stores back then included the following products, all of which have become top selling lines.

Jessica Simpson Dessert Beauty Deliciously Kissable Bath Bubbles

Take a rich and creamy bath foam. Add in a divine smell. Throw in an abundance of bubbles and three wicked flavors ( rich milk chocolate, French vanilla and Berry juicy) and what have you got – a product that’s going to sell like crazy. Mind you, it makes for a delectable bathing experience, too.

Jessica Simpson Dessert Beauty Deliciously Kissable Body Gloss

A body gloss with speckles of gold, flavored with creamy chocolate, pure vanilla bean and warm milk. Warning – don’t apply if you’re not in the mood for becoming an object of desire.

Jessica Simpson Dessert Beauty Deliciously Kissable Body Shake

An indulgent skin treatment that includes tropical coconut oil, shea butter, skin-firming proteins along with a whole host of vitamins and mineral all designed to rejuvenate and replenish your skin. This product comes in 3 fragrances – Dreamy, Creamy and Juicy.

Dessert Treats Arrive

Unveiled as the “fun and flirty kid sister” of Dessert Beauty, Jessica Simpson Dessert Treats, hit the stores in February 2005 to an expectant audience. This new line was comprised of 6 products, packaged in fragrances that were geared toward a slightly younger age group than the target market for Dessert Treats. Such fragrance names as banana split, bubblegum, butterscotch toffee, creamsicle, cotton candy and lollipop were carefully chosen to appeal to the preteens. In addition to the mass and drugstore market that launched the Jessica Simpson Dessert Beauty, Dessert Treats also opened in all of Walgren’s 4,500 stores nationwide, along with the rest of the Jessica Simpson Dessert range. The price of Dessert Treats products is considerably lower than the Dessert Beauty range, in keeping with the lower age group target market.

The Jessica Simpson Dessert Treats range comprise the following products:

  • Deliciously Kissable Sugar Shimmer
  • Deliciously Kissable Body Frosting
  • Deliciously Kissable Whipped Body Cream with Colored Candy Sprinkles
  • Deliciously Kissable Hair and Body Shimmer Mist
  • Deliciously Kissable Fragrance
  • Deliciously Kissable Plumping Lip Candy

The bottom line on Jessica Simpson Dessert Beauty products is that they are an exciting, fun and sexy range of body products that will definitely generate plenty of passion and desire. If that’s what you’re after, indulge away.

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