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Freelance Articles by Amy Finley

In addition to being a freelance journalist with PulseMedia International, Amy Finley is also a creative writer and a graduate student of English at Cleveland State University.

She lives in Rome, Ohio with her husband and three young children.


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  • Northern California Vacation - There are dozens of attractions available to experience during your Northern California vacation stay.
  • New York Limousine - You may want to ask the New York limousine company you’re considering about their associations.
  • Nextel Ring Tone - Hip, fun, funny, or original, a Nextel ring tone truly gives a peak into the power of your personality, without you even saying a word.
  • Northwest Air - Northwest Air vacation package options are expansive enough to meet virtually anyone’s needs.
  • Oahu Travel - Don’t take the bite out of your Oahu travel by being unaware of potential beach dangers…
  • Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles - You can even do some of your Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles business right online.
  • Ohio Bed Breakfast - Whether you decide on an elegant Ohio bed breakfast near Amish country or a quaint Victorian brownstone near downtown Cleveland’s or Cincinnati’s stadiums and attractions, you’ll find an Ohio bed breakfast offering what interests you most to create the retreat of your dreams.
  • Oregon Resort - Oregon resort accommodations near the beach have breathtaking views of the coast and offer a variety of activities to enjoy.
  • Paintball Supply - Most paintball supply dealers will have a closeout section on their website – browse through a few to find great deals on paintball equipment.
  • Pampered Chef Recipe - Thanks to Doris Christopher, founder and chairman of the Pampered Chef, recipe for kitchen success is as easy as, well, pie.
  • Phone Psychic - Even many otherwise completely rational people call phone psychic hotlines because they are compelled by the fascination of the supernatural.
  • Polly Pocket Game - One thing we learned after we bought my daughter’s first Polly Pocket – buy more than one! That way, when a girl’s friends come over, they all have a Polly Pocket to play with.
  • Preschool Song - When you use a preschool song, you see, the child thinks it is more like a game. Asking a preschooler to pick up his or her toys is a battle because, well, it’s just not fun.
  • Puma GV Special - I’m not questioning the great value and cool styles of Puma shoes. But I have to ask – what’s up with the Puma GV Special? What exactly is so special about this Puma shoe that makes it one of Puma’s best sellers?
  • Puma Yoga Shoes - Puma yoga shoes are some of the most popular yoga shoes because of their combination of comfort, style, and flexibility.
  • Rare Yu Gi Oh Card: Why You Need One and How to Get It - Having a rare Yu Gi Oh card may be just the ticket you need to be on your way to becoming a master duelist.
  • Real Estate Agency Chicago - If you’re still questioning whether or not to check into a real estate agency, Chicago is a huge city, and it will more than likely be to your best advantage to find one.
  • Red River, New Mexico - Because Red River, New Mexico is a popular area to visit, many businesses, from photography to gift shops offer online coupon discounts.
  • Red Heart yarn - The introduction of ‘super saver’ skeins -- skeins of yarn in larger quantities without a dye-lot number -- is another innovation by Red Heart Yarn.
  • Rent video game online - When you process a rent video game online request, you have access to hundreds, maybe even thousands of video game titles to choose from, and some companies even allow you to put unreleased games on your order list.
  • Rental Property, Worthington Ohio - When you look for the rental property Worthington, Ohio offers, you’ll fall in love with Worthington itself.
  • Restaurant Cleveland Ohio - Whatever you’re looking for in a restaurant, Cleveland, Ohio has it – from upscale lakefront dining along lake Eerie and microbreweries to small vegetarian restaurants and fun family franchises.
  • Restaurant Dayton - An additional bonus of looking up a restaurant Dayton has online is that you’ll know what to wear -- you can find out just how upscale or casual that particular Dayton restaurant is before you case a caviar place in jeans.
  • Restaurant Cincinatti - Many a hot restaurant Cincinnati offers have menus online – so you can check out exactly what the restaurant serves and get the ideal restaurant experience.
  • Rocky Boot - Many of the Rocky boot styles are made with special Gore-Tex material, a patented fabric designed to create an unbeatable barrier from water and wind.
  • Salon Los Angeles - When you look up a salon Los Angeles residents have already reviewed online, you save yourself the dangerous trial and error method of finding a Los Angles salon.
  • San Francisco Real Estate Agent - A good San Francisco real estate agent will specialize in certain areas or certain types of property.
  • San Jose Airport transportation - No matter how mild the weather or carefully planned your trip to San Jose is, you’re still going to have to deal with the messy detail of San Jose airport transportation.
  • San Francisco Apartment Hunting - To get the inside scoop on San Francisco apartment living, see if you can talk to someone who has lived or currently lives in the apartment complex you’re considering.
  • Sharper Image Coupon - You can also get a Sharper Image coupon certificate when you open and use a Sharper Image Visa account for your purchases.
  • Shrek 2 Donkey - Retailers have responded to the popularity of Shrek 2, Donkey, Fiona, and other characters by coming out with a plethora of merchandise based on the movie and characters.
  • Ski New Mexico - Whether you’re an expert or have never even tried to ski, New Mexico ski areas and resorts offer something for you.
  • South Korea Phone Card - You may also incur monthly charges on a South Korea phone card – find out if there is a flat fee for buying the card or if you’ll be charged a monthly fee as well.
  • Staples Office Supply - Next time you shop Staples Office Supply for your work or home office needs, don’t forget to pick up a few things to help you outside the office as well.
  • Tickets For Lion King Shows - Tickets for Lion King shows have been sold to over 20 million people worldwide. One of the keys of the show’s success is the director’s fresh take on the story.
  • T Mobile Ring Tone - With a T Mobile ring tone, you basically get two choices: a great sounding polyphonic ringtone termed a ‘megatune’ by T Mobile, or a Hi Fi ringer (mp3) ringtone…
  • Tummy Tuck Cost II - When evaluating tummy tuck cost, consider how much you’re worth as well.
  • Uggs Boot - While many styles in boots come and go, the uggs boot combination of funk and function make them an original boot that may be around for years to come.
  • Ugg Boot on Sale - Many people feel that the comfort of the ugg boot comes from the sheepskin and the fleece lining, and it’s not worth sacrificing for a synthetic version of the ugg boot, on sale or not.
  • Ugg Classic Short Boot - Another benefit of the ugg classic short boot is that its versatility makes it easy to wear all the time, and thus, easy to coordinate with your handbag.
  • Usher Confession - Tons of sites offer free Usher Confession downloads and video clips, so you can check out some of the songs before you buy the CD.
  • Vail Ski Resort - After participating in all the great outdoor activities offered near your Vail ski resort, thaw out by going swimming in a heated indoor pool or playing indoor tennis.
  • Verizon White Pages - This article reviews Verizon white pages along with some other top white page directories as well as tips for finding the information you need.
  • Wal Mart Portrait Studio - One final tip on dress: wearing the dressiest clothes to a Wal Mart portrait studio appointment doesn’t necessarily mean a better picture.
  • Wholesale Bead - Wholesale bead supply companies vary in their requirements in regards to minimum purchase and minimum quantity requirements, so read carefully.
  • Wholesale Carpet - When looking for a good deal on wholesale carpet, there are several things you can do to protect yourself from getting caught in a scam.
  • Wholesale Handbag - A good way to find a wholesale handbag supplier is to look for reviews, references, and testimonials of the company from outside sources.
  • Wine Of The Month Club - Many wine of the month club offers also include discounts on reordering wines that you’ve enjoyed, on additional wine orders, and premium wines.
  • Wolverine Boot - There are many Wolverine boot styles, but the revolutionary new multi-shock system has helped make Wolverine boots and shoes more popular than ever.
  • Woman Small Business Grants - There are pros and cons associated with both woman small business loans and woman small business grants.
  • Womens Adidas Sandal - Womens Adidas sandal styles have something for every woman, from the original blue and white sports slide to the smart and slim new navy Kimja 2.
  • Womens Cowboy Boots - The increasing popularity of womens cowboy boots means that boot manufacturers are competing to create more styles than ever before.
  • Womens Puma Shoes - Whether you’re running at the track, running after your kids, or running around the mall, womens Puma shoes offer the quality you need… in cute styles, too.
  • Yosemite Travel - Whatever reason you have for your Yosemite travel, there’s plenty of good ole’ fashioned tourism to enjoy in addition to the virtually untouched natural Yosemite landscape.
  • Yu Gi Oh God Card: Watch Out for Fakes, Game Hints, and More - Want a Yu Gi Oh god card free? You can get a free limited edition Yu Gi Oh god card when you purchase a book of comic panels from the Yu Gi Oh movie.
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